Best Oils for Skin

There are many amazing oils out on the market, so here I’m going to narrow the best of the best down. I’ll also state the benefits they have! So let’s get to it! 😀

Rosehip oil – Nature’s vitamin A, and vitamin A is good for cell turnover, collagen

boosting, and it’s pretty much the only ingredient that stops the clock! This oil is dry, so that means when you put it on, you won’t have the greasy feeling! That also means it’s great for acne skin, as well as oily skin types. This is also recommended for mature skin!

Argan oil – Rich in vitamin E! If you have dry and/or brittle hair, you should out a few drops of this oil on and massage it in the ends… It works wonders. This oil is in the middle of the dry and rich oils, if you’ve got acne, this may not be the best pick for you. Dry skin can benefit greatly from argan oil.

Jojoba oil – A dry oil, it’s an oil that is closest to your natural sebum. Sebum is basically the oil your skin naturally produces. People get oily skin because of excess sebum production, and it could be because of the lack of hydration. Oily and acne skin types are best suited for this oil!

Tea Tree oil – This is more for spot treatments, such as pimples, and for healing (zit) scars! The smell is not exactly pleasant…. But it works wonders for a lot of people! Just dip a cotton swab with the oil, then dilute it with water. Dab your pimple lightly, don’t press hard! Also, DO NOT use this as a toner, unless you dilute it with water, it is far too strong by itself! Be careful if you have sensitive skin, this could irritate you the first few times!

I hope this post wasn’t too boring, and you learned something! Please comment any tips YOU have because sharing is caring! ^.^

– Your Quirky Canadian xoxo


3 thoughts on “Best Oils for Skin

  1. I’ve always wanted to try rosehip oil! I have a bottle of argon oil for my hair and vitamin e oil for my skin and I love them! Before bed I take my ponds moisturizer in my hand and put a few drops of the vitamin e oil in and I wake up with super smooth skin

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