Clumsy Catastrophes!


I’m going to share funny/embarrassing stories of mine to loosen your day up… Enjoy!

When I was bringing lunch (pizza) to my grandparents’ house, I was busy talking and I dropped all the pizza on the ground. I was devastated! My grandma laughed.

Today, in my PE class, we were doing this exercise where you have to lie on the ground AT A CERTAIN LINE IN THE GYM. So when the teacher said: “GO!” , everyone else ran to the line where you needed to lie down. Ā Being the clumsy person I am, I lay down immediately (IN FRONT OF EVERYONE) and my best friend started laughing her hind-quarters off! D;

The worst part was, the teacher starting chuckling too………..

PS, I was so happy that I had gym with my best friend, we have gym at the same period but different gyms, but this time we combined classes! šŸ˜€

When I was in a computer lab, everyone was dead silent. Being the weird person I am, I burped as loud as a trumpet, and my friend was trying (failing) to hold her laughter in! It was sooo awkward but miraculously, I didn’t faint of embarrassment!

When I was looking after a kindergarten class, I was talking to my friend, I wasn’t looking and I tripped and nearly fell FLAT on my face! The whole class started laughing and I thought was the end. ;””)

That’s the end of my stories! I have a million stories left to told, but you guys probably would be bored to death!

Please comment down below if you enjoyed reading this, I’d LOVE your feedback!

Also, comment your clumsy moments! I’ve decided that the comment section for this post is all about your funny stories!

Thank you, and ily! ā¤

-Your Quirky Canadian (…this post really proves that I’m a VERY quirky person!




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