Trip to Korea pictures + Flowers! (ㆁωㆁ*)


It’s been a while so I’m posting a few pictures of flowers and my trip to Korea a few months ago! Enjoy! 💞

I apologize if the next 2 pictures have too much exposure! There was a lot of backlight…

I love this picture of the yellow flowers…. It’s like a scene that came out of a Victorian movie! (K maybe it’s just me….)

The next photos are all my Korea pictures! They are meant to give you a “vibe” on how Korea looks!

These huge brushes are for writing traditional words… Majestic right?

Ginseng in a bottle… What a work of art!

1/3 was was bitten off, sorry! 🍦

This sushi look-a-like is actually called kimbap!

One of my favourite desserts from MyeongDong…

Aaaand! Last but not least, the Incheon Airport! The design is extremely sophisticated…. It almost made me cry! (Of joy!) 😍

I hope you enjoyed reading!

Please comment below where you have recently travelled to! I’d love to know.

– Your Quirky Canadian xx


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