Tips For When Life is Tough

Hey !

My homework load from school is getting a tiny bit overwhelming… And I’m basically procrastinating right now by typing something I like to call “fluff”.

SO I’ll get to the point ;).

↑↑↑ very random…

When life is stressful, I learned to take deep breaths to calm myself. I also like to drink green tea (if you’re a healthy one), or eat ice cream (if you REALLY want to treat yourself).

I find both great alternatives to chips! 🍦🍵

Be sure to manage your time well. Have a calendar or agenda that you can make a list of the things you need to get done.

↑↑↑ Aren’t they the cutest?! They’re real, I promise.

Lastly, be calm and focused. Don’t take it out on people (aka don’t be frustrated by other people when YOUR frustrated because it never ends well… Trust me). Be patient.

I hope this helped…. These days our lives are stressful and it’s CRAZY!

How’s your day going? Comment down below. 🙂

– Your Quirky Canadian xx

✌ Stay cool.


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