The Complete Opposite of My Life (weird poem)


I hope you’re having an awesome day! Are you excited for Black Friday? I’m not.

Why? Because I am not a fan of huge crowds.

(You’re probably thinking: if you don’t like crowds, then DON’T BOTHER GOING OUT!)

True, true.


Beautiful and neat, neat and beautiful.

Planned out and well grounded.

No food or water?

I stay alive!

My roots are made of gold,

They’re what make me stay ‘down to earth’.

My petals are seldom cold!

Oh! My lovely flower,

So bright and cheery,

Never dark or dreary.

So perfect and ‘un-ruined’,

Just like a newly bought donut!

My extraordinary flower,


*If you haven’t read the title yet, I hope you realize that this is the complete opposite of my life… 😀

I hope you “enjoyed*”!


How’s your day going? What would you compare your life to? Leave your answers down below. Until the next time!

– Your Quirky Canadian xoxo 🙂


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