2 Skincare Tools You Need To Try! 🙌

Hey! These are some skincare tool recommendations that I think you should try! (Life gets so hectic these days, so TREAT YOURSELF! ♡)

1. Jade Roller

On the website of Herbivore Organics (skincare brand), they sell a Jade roller is $25!!! There are some great reviews too.

Herbivore Organic’s Jade Roller $25

Benefits: De-puffing, lymph drainage, stimulates collagen(a protein which gives skin structure!), tightens skin overtime, and it’s just a luxury to use! ✧

2. Gold Bar Roller/Massager

I found this on Vogue’s Youtube video with Fei Fei Sun (a beautiful model!), and as I did more research, I fell in love with this product! (Even though I haven’t bought yet hehe…)

Benefits: Vibrates up to 6000 beats per minute, anti-aging (prevents+lifts wrinkles), firms skin overtime, and prevents/lifts sagging.

Gold Bar Massager (from Amazon.com)

I hope this helped! What is you’re favourite skincare tool/ product? Is there a tool on your wishlist? Comment down below, and peace out!

– Your Quirky Canadian xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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